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(Update: Amazon has reinstated digital purchases of SimCity)

It feels like an “I told you so” moment is to be had. It seems like in this scenario, always-on DRM for SimCity was a self-fulfilling prophecy of disaster. It's needless to say that common sense wasn't one of the priorities when launching one of the biggest video game brands with an always-on DRM infrastructure and now EA has had to take a lot of steps to fix the problem. Meanwhile, Amazon has made the game unavailable to purchase from their online store.

First up, Polygon is reporting that Electronic Arts has noted that they've had to disable non-essential features to try to free up any and all bandwidth they can to support the super-shoddy launch of SimCity. EA is also working around clock to try to fix or add additional servers to support the game.

According to a Maxis community manager...
"We are in the process of deploying a hotfix to all servers," ... "This includes various improvements and also disables a few non-critical gameplay features (leaderboards, achievements and region filters)...” "Disabling these features will in no way affect your core gameplay experience," ... "Getting you playing is our absolute highest priority."

Ahaha, do you know what would get gamers playing RIGHT NOW? If the game didn't have always-on DRM. WTF kind of moron thought this would go over smooth? Seriously, I'd like to know the suit-and-neck-tie wearing idiot who thought that by punishing paying consumers with always-on-DRM, they would be doing EA's reputation a service?

Regardless, Amazon has now stepped in and has made SimCity unavailable for purchase as of the writing of this article. As the image above notes, the DRM is preventing a lot of paying customers from even accessing the game and even if EA manages to get the servers stable there's always going to be a battle between EA's servers, consumer's ISP's network stability and the functionality of SimCity itself.

I presume that much like Polygon's lowered review score over the very same DRM issues, if EA can afford to actually fix the problem in a timely manner Amazon will make the game available once more via their digital store.

Hands down, you freaking clusterfailed this whole thing EA. No forgiveness, no remorse.