Maxis has released a trailer for SimCity that should please gamers who prefer something more violent than a city simulator. It shows a few cities being destroyed by disasters.

The SimCity reboot sports a new GlassBox engine that provides a new level of visuals. It renders these disasters in great detail. When an earthquake hits, the individual parts of a building break down before your eyes. When a tornado rolls through a neighborhood, it lifts up the specific buildings and cars in its path.

Once you're done marvelling at the destruction, you can deploy emergency teams to minimize the damage. Again, thanks to LightBox, this is fun to watch. You can see the individual firefighters scrambling to hose down a fire. When you rebuild, you'll watch the buildings constructed part by part. It's good that they make construction as fun to watch as destruction, to ensure that people don't just watch their cities burn to the ground.

SimCity is due in February. Head to the website to sign up for the closed beta.

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