Sims 3 Supernatural Screenshots Join Team Jacob

EA has released a quartet of screenshots for The Sims 3 Natural, the new expansion pack announced last week. The shots show a few Sims becoming werewolves.

Sims can turn into werewolves in the traditional fashion: on a full moon. Their hair grows out, fangs appear in their mouth, and their clothes get shredded somehow. Do they also fall in love with a young woman who can't act? I suppose that's up to players to decide.

Supernatural, the seventh expansion to Sims 3, will also let players create their own fairies, witches and vampires. Their Sims will be able to craft magical elixirs and cast spells as well. All of thisweirdness will occur in the brand new town of Moonlight Falls.

EA plans to release the expansion worldwide in September.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.