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The Sims 4 is finally coming to Mac. In an announcement about the Outdoor Retreat Pack's release, EA Maxis revealed that the long-delayed Mac version is only a matter of weeks away.

"We’re also very excited to confirm that The Sims 4 will be coming to Mac in February," Maxis said. "All those who have previously purchased The Sims 4 on PC will be entitled to Mac free of charge. We will announce the official release date for Mac nearer the release time."

The Sims 3 launched simultaneously on PC and Mac but that was the exception rather than the rule. Other Sims games have arrived on PC first before spreading to Mac or other hardware. Last summer, EA told us that they were "focused [on] PC" and "had nothing to say regarding other platforms." I'm glad to see they've finally gotten around to Mac version, though.

While Mac owners wait for launch, PC gamers are getting new content. The Outdoor Retreat Pack, the first premium add-on for the game, is now on sale through Origin and other online retailers for $19.99. Outdoor Retreat introduces the Granite Falls national park.

"[The Sims] can venture deep into the woods to discover new surprises, including dangerous and wondrous herbs, and new species of insects," Maxis says on the official Sims 4 blog. "Let’s just hope that your Sims aren’t squeamish about creepy crawlers."

The herbs they find can be used to create remedies such as insect repellent or a stress relieving concoction. This crafting process is driven by a new herbalism skill, which will also allow Sims to tell what plants are poisonous or helpful.

The Sims can also engage in a number of other camping activities. They can roast marshmallows and tell stories around the campfire. If they're feeling adventurous, the Sims can go on a hike and try to find the hermit that lives deep within the forest.

Like expansions for previous Sims games, the Outdoor Retreat Pack is also loaded with new gear for your Sims. They can buy a tent and hiking gear for use out in the wilderness or for a faux camping trip in their backyard. A new Bear Costume allows the prankster of your group to scare the crap out of their friends and family during a camping trip.

"In fact, you can even take the costume home and see what sorts of mischief your Sim can get into!"

While this is the first paid DLC for The Sims 4, Maxis has added other features to the game for free over the past few months. They released ghosts, new careers and pools this fall.

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