Single Moms Once Again Pissed About Manhunt 2

Maybe you’re not that interested in Rockstar’s deranged assassination romp Manhunt 2 (I know I’m not, personally). But thanks to some recent last minute changes, the game that formerly received its death-knell “AO” rating has, due to undisclosed reasons, been re-rated as M. Naturally, single moms are pissed. Once again, little Johnny just might be able to chainsaw motherfuckers with his Wii remote, his virgin eyes well up with tears of sadness and uncomfortably perverse joy.

Concerned that children’s innermost demons are being brought to light, congressmen, mothers and at least one unnamed lawyer of questionable significance have demanded an explanation from the ESRB as to why the game as been re-rated. Patricia Vance of the ESRB has refused to disclose any details on the re-rating.

Senator Leeland Yee is not so happy with her decision: “Parents can’t trust a rating system that doesn’t even disclose how they come to a particular rating… Clearly the ESRB has a conflict of interest in rating these games. It is time to bring transparency to this rating system and for the industry to be held accountable.”

Vance maintains that the game is rated M: “This is a very clear and firm warning to parents that the game is in no way intended for children…”

With no real research that these games are turning children more violent, I’m really starting to get tired of these debates over what is or isn’t ok. It doesn’t work for the MPAA, it doesn’t work for the FCC, it’s not going to be 100% with the ESRB either. There are no rules when it comes to objectionable content, only guidelines. If they were arguing the difference between a game being rating T and a game being rated M, I could see the point, as that’s basically saying whether the game is intended for kids or adults, but arguing whether a game should be M or AO? That’s like arguing over whether the game is for adults or…adults? Seriously people, grow up. If your kid is playing a violent game, talk to him or her about it, just don’t assume it’s turning them into a killer, when there’s a mountain of evidence that points to the contrary.