Sir, You Are Being Hunted is now available on Steam in its entirety, as it has exited the Early Access phase and has launched for a wide audience.

With an official release comes an official launch trailer. Big Robot Entertainment wasn't short on providing the gaming audience at large with a fresh new launch trailer for the game, featuring many of the new, improved and basic gameplay mechanics that composes of the game's core experience.

For those of you completely unfamiliar with the title, Sir, You Are Being Hunted is an independently developed game that centers around players being brought to an island where they're being forced into the participation of a hunting game... a hunting game where the player is the target.

There are numerous killer robots out on the trail of the player. The real kick is that they're gentlemen, tweed-punk robots who occasionally stop to drink tea and boast about their accomplishments, much like the average British socialite. Even still, they're still robots and that subjugates them to certain exploitable rules that players can take advantage of.

The goal of the game is to scavenge supplies, repair a necessary escape vehicle and get the heck off the robot-infested island. In this way, here's where the game takes a drastic turn from the norm: the island is procedurally generated. This means that no matter what, every time a player starts a new game it's going to be a vastly different experience each and every time around. The location of the items, the layout of the map, weapon placement and everything else in between will be randomized.

This procedural, open-world, hunt-and-survive game was such a unique thing that it easily managed to get itself the necessary monies for completion through crowd-funding. The game was originally announced back in June, 2012 to gauge interest, mostly due to a lot of help from one of the developers – Jim Rossignol – working at Rock, Paper, Shotgun.

Later in 2012 the game was put on Kickstarter, where it blasted through the funding phase.

Eventually Sir, You Are Being Hunted landed on Steam's Greenlight, where it was then up-voted and approved to appear on Steam. After a short run through the Early Access phase, Big Robot has made it to the final leg of the race and has made the game available for purchase in its entirety, right now, on Steam.

You can pick up a digital copy of Sir, You Are Being Hunted right now from the digital store page.

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