Digitilus has a new space sim called Skyjacker that has landed on Kickstarter. The game seems to have been around in the development circles for a while but is now being moved into the crowd-funding arena as a multiplayer space simulator that focuses on players being space-scavenging pirates, raiding capital ships and stations for any and everything they can get their hands on.

The game's trailer made its appearance on Gametrailers recently where the user feedback was very lukewarm. The game is also seeking approval by Greenlight on Steam. Again, the early going feedback seems to be lukewarm, with a lot of gamers just kind of easing into the concept and trying to get a feel for the game.

Now, opposite of Reborn, the recent Japanese cyberpunk ARPG, Skyjacker actually has a proof of concept under its belt, with various gameplay videos and promotional bits to showcase to gamers and allow them to get an actual handle on what it is they're trying to kickstart.

Having a fake looking Gerard Butler guy on the cover also helps to give gamers that sense of authenticity, a lot of games gun for. But visuals and promo material aside, Skyjacker runs on an interesting concept of free-roam scavenging and space pirating that we haven't seen or don't see often enough.

The real treat to Skyjacker's design is in the physics-system. The game relishes in the ability to crash, demolish and completely break apart the ships with explosive results. The design is pretty slick and the ability to chip away at larger ships and take the mangled wrecks and turn it into something advantageous for your own end is a nice touch. For the game to be on a low budget, the destruction physics look remarkably good, and that makes up for a large part in how the game will be received amongst the player base, as well as how players will react to being immersed in the game.

If Skyjacker is the kind of game that you would like to see become a real game, feel free to show a little bit of support for the game over on the official Kickstarter page. With a $150,000 goal and more than a month left of pledging, the game has a chance at hitting its goal if the pledging doesn't slow down too much.

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