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This Skyrim Mod Took Three Years To Complete, Check It Out

Modding some games never gets old. One of those games happens to be the half-decade old Skyrim. One mod has been in the works for the past three years called Holds The City Overhaul. It recently released for Skyrim and it completely overhauls the game's cities.

Game Informer covered some of the basic elements of the mod's features, including the addition of more readable books and text being added to the game, brand new outfits for the characters, new named NPCs, new homes, and all new scripts for the NPCs for daily routines. Most impressive is that the cities have been overhauled with all new architecture, new houses, new buildings, new shops and new items.

The mod completely rebuilds the cities of Falkreath, Winterhold, and Dawnstar within Skyrim, giving them their own unique cultural designs. Additional settlements have also been sprinkled throughout the game world to help give the player a sense of scale and expansion from the inhabitants of the land.

But don't worry, modder Galandil notes that the new settlements have been spaced out and removed from the general pathways of travel throughout the steep wilderness sprawled throughout Skyrim. Instead the settlements have been placed within crevices, corners and mountainous regions where it feels more like nomads and vagabonds have taken up abodes up and out of the way of standard civilized cities.

You can see very briefly what some of the overhaul looks like in a preview video from YouTuber Shinji72 to get an idea of the scale and sense of originality present in the game.

The creation of the mod came about when Galandil realized that there were no overhaul mods for Skyrim like the Oblivion City Overhaul mod that came out years before for Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Instead of waiting for a modder to make a mod, Galandil got to work on it himself, along with some help from Alfredasl.

The idea was to create something that seemed natural to the world that Bethesda Softworks had already created, and expand on it with something natural and organic, as well as something that seemed to fit the culture within the world.

It's amazing to see that modding is still going strong for Skyrim five years after the game originally came out back in 2011. I wonder if Fallout 4 will be able to maintain that same level of immersion and growth with the modding community? Bethesda almost ruined all of that with the paid modding initiative they tried to implement a while back in connection with Valve on the Steam Workshop, but they eventually reneged when the internet exploded and called for heads.

Anyway, you don't have to worry about rolling heads in Holds The City Overhaul, it's just a nice little upgrade for vanilla Skyrim. You can download the mod for free by hitting up the Nexusmods website.

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