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Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim can be kind of depressing to play in the winter. However, players sick of snow and cold can now turn their game into a tropical paradise thanks to a mod.

The Tropical Skyrim mod doesn't add or remove content from the game. Instead, it transforms the frozen north into a warmer locale. For example, tundra is now desert and pine forests are now jungles.

The animals of the world have been transformed as well. Wolves have been replaced with raptors. Bears, meanwhile, are now pandas so you'll feel really shitty for killing them.

At the mod's homepage, the creator recommends a few other mods to complete the tropical look. For example, the SkyBirds mod will fill the jungles with additional birds. A music mod is suggested also, as Nord chanting doesn't really suit the beach.

The Skyrim Creation Kit responsible for these mods is exclusive to the PC version. Bethesda once expressed interest in bringing the toolset to consoles but that never panned out.

It's a damn shame that Xbox 360 and PS3 owners will miss out on this free trip to a warm climate. However, if the rumors of a Redguard DLC pack are true, console and PC gamers alike may be headed into a desert.

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