After Parsec Studios recently announced their new horror-survival game (and it's an actual horror-survival game not a Hollywood blockbuster with some horror elements), they decided to follow it up with a new debut trailer. Slender: The Arrival is being promoted as a game aimed to make an early 2013 release.

Originally when we reported on the game, all that was known was that the sequel would be arriving “soon”, but no one knew how soon. Well, thanks to DSO Gaming spotting the new trailer, we now know that “soon” translates into “early 2013”.

That's very, very interesting debut trailer and might I add that the graphics look phenomenal?

The one thing that really jumped out was the inclusion of additional monsters beside the Slender Man. Does this mean players will have more of a fighting chance? Maybe throwing boxes and bricks at stuff?

Still, the game's dark visuals and atmospheric approach to storytelling still sets it apart from everything else on the market and coming to the market. You can learn more about Mark Hadley and Blue Isle Studios' first-person horror title by paying a kind visit to the Official Website.

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