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Slender: The Eight Pages has become something of a horror game sensation in these months leading up to Halloween. Created by Mark Hadley, the crude game revolves around the player trying to collect eight mysterious pages while staying one step ahead of a mysterious figure that is stalking them. Well, now a sequel has been announced and, if the first game frightened you, then, The Arrival aims to take the terror one step further.

So far, the only official details surrounding Slender: The Arrival can be found on the official teaser site. It boasts a couple of black and white screenshots and a promise that this latest trip into modern urban legends will be “more terrifying than [the] original creation.”

Being developed by Hadley (Parsec Productions) and Blue Isle Studios, The Arrival is slated for a PC launch. No release window outside of “coming soon” has been announced, and whether or not this sequel will be free-to-play like the first game has not been established. What is known, however, is that the developers are teasing more levels, improved visuals and an engaging storyline. If The Eight Pages was able to terrify everyone with such simplistic aesthetics and gameplay, I shudder to think what The Arrival might be able to accomplish with these additional resources and time.

If all of this is new to you, then you might want to go ahead and dive into The Eight Pages by downloading it for free right here. Remember to play with the lights off, the door closed and your headsets on. After that, you can join the rest of the world in awaiting the arrival of, well, The Arrival.

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