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One of the most important parts about competitive PvP is not dying; the longer you don't die the better your chances of winning. Well, it also takes a little more than not dying to win at a game like Smite, and the new video gameplay tutorial gives you a few pointers before heading onto the battlefield.

The upcoming game from Hi-Rez Studios is a MOBA game or a multiplayer online battle arena game. It's very similar to Runic Games' League of Legends, insofar that you pick from a pre-defined character and join a team of four other players as you face off against a group of opposing players.

Smite is a typical PvP-style game but with a few notable changes to the gameplay setup so that the experience is still slightly unique to itself. You can check out the gameplay tutorial below.

That game looks pretty freaking sweet. I've never really been into the MOBA-style games because you really need to be able to play with people who know your playing style, this way you're not all fumbling around and doing noob stuff that costs you the match, and we all know how PUGs can cost you a match.

Moving on...the game is currently undergoing beta testing. You can jump in and join the fun by registering to get a beta key. Alternatively, if you feel that this is a game you've been eagerly awaiting and your heart can't stop beating and your stomach can't stop producing butterflies and your head feels like it's about to explode because the game is the greatest to happen in your short life-span on this dust-ridden, concrete-jungle planet, then feel free to pre-order Smite from the Official Website.

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