Soldier Front 2 has officially been announced by Aeria Games and Dragonfly. The sequel is still going to be a free-to-play title that puts players in a modern day combat environment where they'll take on other players in competitive first-person shooting bouts.

The game fits into the MOFPS genre, joining the likes of other games like Alliance of Valiant Arms, Combat Arms and Sudden Attack to name but a few. The details of Soldier Front 2 have been kept minimalistic with Aeria focusing mostly on trying to sell the game with the hand-animated debut trailer above. It speaks volumes, however, that we've come to a point where just about any sized company can toss together a decent looking CG trailer, even for a free-to-play game.

Aeria pinpoints that the sequel will bring a couple of new features to the table that weren't present in the first game, namely weapon customization, which will be an extensive part of the sequel. Hopefully it doesn't feel as vapid as the customization in Blacklight: Retribution, but if it's closer to say Operation 7 then that could certainly help out in distinguishing Soldier Front 2 from the rest of the free-to-play shooters out there.

For now, gamers can register to play the game by signing up on the Official Website. Soldier Front 2 will have additional clan support, achievements and leaderboards.

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