Enjoy arcade-puzzle games? How about sci-fi space music? If you combine those two elements together would that interest you? Well, if it does then you're in luck because Codaweb Interactive has a small mobile game for those of you looking for a relaxing, arcade-puzzle title with a space music playing a central part in the game's appeal.

The name of the title is Space Keeper, and I couldn't explain the gameplay to you if I had it hooked up to an IV and streamed through my veins like Colin Farrell on a weekend vacation to a morphine factory. Nevertheless, there's a game trailer below that helps to better explain the premise and gives gamers a slight taste of the space music. Check it out below.

With more than 80 playable levels, Space Keeper is currently undergoing public beta testing and if you're keen on giving the game a short playthrough, feel free to do so by paying a kind visit to the Official Website.

If the music has you the least bit intrigued, feel free to listen to the entire original soundtrack over on their Official Bandcamp page.

The iOS version of the game is scheduled to arrive soon.

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