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Square has been busy lately with a number of interesting projects under their wing, including the a SNES looking, Final Fantasy Tactics-esque MMO, Wakfu. The new debut trailer for the isometric-style, anime-RPG features some of the game’s landscapes, characters, cinematics and fresh and colorful art-style.

It’s not often that we get MMOs that pay homage to the founding fathers of RPGs…namely those franchises that were born and bred on Nintendo’s SNES. Wakfu combines the likes of Breath of Fire with a modified combat system similar to the likes of the PSX’s Final Fantasy Tactics, along with some of the appeal that made games like Maple Story and Dragonica fan-favorites among the MMO masses.

You can check out the new debut trailer for the game below, and what’s better is that when the game does release gamers can look forward to it being a free-to-play title. So there’s no need to worry about monthly subscription fees…just cash-shop based microtransactions. To learn more about the character classes and gameplay options, be sure to head on over to the Official Website.

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