If you don't fancy the idea of putting thousands of dollars into Star Citizen's development to get a really cool, fancy looking spaceship and access to the playable game modules, you can opt for a more cost effective way of gaining access to one of the most anticipated AAA games of 2016 thanks to a free weekend.

During PAX East 2015, Cloud Imperium Games handed out free access codes for Star Citizen. This enables newbies and everyone else in between to dabble in the world of a $75 million dollar space sim.

It's quite easy to get involved, you simply head to the official website, register for a free account and implement the following code: PAXEASTFREEFLY2K15

Players will gain access to the hangar module, the dogfighting module and the ability to walk around in the Anvil Hornet F7C.

You'll need to act quick because the free weekend is only good through March 15th, 2015.

This comes close on the heels of Roberts Space Industries and Cloud Imperium Games announcing that Star Citizen has received an overhauled procedural damage system. Not only did the damage system get overhauled but it's very impressive, with section-based damage that can deconstruct under certain levels of force.

What's more is that the damage system alters and changes with the atmosphere. In space there's slow rotation on the ship when it's hit from various angles, where-as in Earth-like atmospheres it reacts appropriately to the gravity. In the hangar it reacts even differently still. Cloud Impreium Games made sure each of the ships had proper damage modeling for their design in all sorts of environmental locations.

In addition to this, Cloud Imperium Games is also prepping to release the game's first-person combat module. This module will grant gamers the ability to explore how the first-person shooting works in Star Citizen.

Based on the videos already up and available, the mechanics are really solid. Also, the reworked damage system that's a bit unlike other FPS games out there – and that really awesome, physics-based gravity system – helps give the game a unique identity in the shooter space. There are still multiple weapons players can handle, and various roles that they can carry out, too. In the first-person mode it's possible to also sabotage some ships if you board an enemy vessel. I still don't exactly know how vessel-boarding works but it's apparently going to be in the game.

Star Citizen has received its fair share of criticism but it really is coming along very nicely and is aiming to be the biggest AAA game ever made. Based on what they have so far I can't really argue with them on that point. I mean, the ability to travel the galaxy, land on planets, explore procedurally generated worlds, partake in trade runs, stealing cargo, attacking capital ships and having fun in all around dogfights sounds like a ton of fun.

You can learn more by paying a visit to the official website.
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