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It's been a long time coming, but a change has come. Robert Space Industries recently announced that the dogfighting arena module for Star Citizen has gone live. That's right, you can play a small slice of Star Citizen and experience some of the $42 million dollar awesomeness that happens to be the most expensive, AAA independent video game ever made.

Before getting to the dogfighting module... it is true that Star Citizen has racked up $42 million dollars in crowd-sourcing, as reported by Polygon.

This is one of the most expensive games out there that's not being published by a major AAA publisher.

PC gamers should also be proud to say that this comes at a time where PC is making a huge resurgence in the marketplace, with sales expected to reach $25 billion in year-on-end revenue and gamers admitting to preferring playing on PC over consoles, it's no surprise that Star Citizen looks like a star champion of the PC gaming arena as it barrels at warp-hype speeds toward its 2015 release.

Leading up to 2015, Cloud Imperium Games will be rolling out playable modules to backers and supporters, giving them a small taste of the action as the development team continues to make advancements on the game's design. It's a smart move that gives a little bit back to the community as they patiently await the game's long and storied development process.

This latest slice to follow on the release of the hangar module from RSI and Cloud Imperium Games is the arena commander dogfighting module. It enables players to fly around in their spacecraft and test out some of the weapons, damage and flying mechanics. In fact, to celebrate the latest module, RSI released a brand new arena dogfighting trailer that you can check out below.

Looking at that trailer, I must say that the game looks absolutely marvelous. Cloud Imperium Games managed to make the CryEngine look like a true AAA engine here, unlike so many other AAA games before it.

Even more than that, the visuals and effects are so clean and dynamic that you could make some very impressive machinima with Star Citizen once there's more content made available for the game.

In fact, I'm very interested in how the community will evolve with the game and whether or not it will become prime bait for fan-movies like a lot of Valve titles. The potential is definitely there.

If you're a backer for Star Citizen you can get your hands on the playable arena module right now. The only downside is that the game clocks in at a massive 10.2 gigabyte. So you'll need to clear a game or two out of the way if you want to get your hands on a playable slice of Star Citizen.

For more information on the game feel free to pay a kind visit to the official website.
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