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Two new videos are readily making the rounds after appearing on Reddit's /r/Games thread. The first is a trailer for the Drake Cutlass, one of the other spaceships in the game that players will be able to get their hands on. The second trailer is more like a a small snippet from a live-stream showcasing the transition of going from space and landing on a planet to explore.

The Drake Cutlass trailer is pretty fanciful, showcasing some over-the-top flying and top-notch piloting skills. Of course, there are some impossibly snazzy maneuvers that are pulled off to get gamers geeked out and excited for the game, as well as a bit of short story between the human pilot and the angry alien as they battle it out in space.

I don't think the Drake Cutlass trailer is quite as compelling as the one for the M50 that spoofed Top Gear. Still, the most impressive part about these promo videos from RSI and Cloud Imperium Games is that they're all done in-engine; so what you see is what you're going to play as more modules become available.

Speaking of playing, one of the other videos that's been making the rounds is a quick look at the planetary landing on one of the city hubs. It kind of shows just how big Star Citizen is and the scope of the game's environments. You can check it out below.

The size and scope of the city really is quite amazing.

I'm also curious if you really can land just anywhere with the ships? It didn't look as if there was any kind of restriction or barrier on where players could land. If that's the case then the city hubs and planets in general will be really interesting places to visit with the other players flying around and potentially causing all sorts of unpredictable mayhem.

I imagine one way they could limit some of the carnage is having instanced areas with a set number of players per instance, similar to way most zones are handled in other MMO titles.

So far Star Citizen looks like it's shaping up to be quite the experience. I can't wait for more of the modules to release following the multiplayer and race modes via the Arena Commander update.

The game has already managed to break records in the crowd-funding space and even earned a spot in the Guinness World Records.

Roberts Space Industries is continuing to update the game as the crowd-funding continues to pour in. You can learn more about the game or contribute to the cause by paying a visit to the official Star Citizen website.

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