If you're looking to pick up a digital copy of Star Trek Online, you can nab a few exclusive extras for a few dollars more. Today Atari announced the game's $59.99 Digital Deluxe Edition, which will be available through Steam and Direct2Drive. It comes with the following goodies:
  • Original Star Trek Uniform Set: Three uniforms from the original series (blue, red, yellow).
  • Exclusive “KHAAAN!” Emote: An unforgettable moment from the second Star Trek Film. This exclusive emote allows players to relive Kirk’s unforgettable moment of fury, with the timeless cry… “KHAAAN!”
  • Exclusive Klingon Blood Wine Toast Emote: Raise a glass like a Klingon! Greet other players with an exclusive Klingon gesture –the blood wine toast.
  • Unique Registry Prefix: Give your ship the coveted NX prefix, seen only on a handful of elite Starfleet vessels like the Defiant, 22nd century Enterprise, and Prometheus.
  • Unique Ship Item: Automated Defense Battery. This Tactical Module grants any ship a passive 360 arc attack power with a short range.
In the same press release, Atari also confirmed the contents of the $70 Collector's Edition revealed by retailers last week. All versions of the game will be available on February 2nd in North America and February 5th in Europe.

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