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Cryptic Studios is now offering 12-month and lifetime subscriptions to pre-order customers of their upcoming MMO Star Trek Online. The lifetime subscription's bonus incentive is sure to give you a nerdgasm.

If you plunk down $239.99 for the lifetime sub, you'll get two extra characters slots and the option to play the cybernetic race known as the Borg. The Borg begins with two traits - increased health generation and a bonus to their Starship skills - and may select two more from a general list. Liberated Borg have another optional trait called a Neural Blast that slows or stops targets.

The twelve-month subscription, $119, gives you two extra character slots. You're also saving a bit of money over time, because the monthly subscription for the game is $14.99. Who's to say that you'll still be interested in the game a year later, though. The lifetime sub is, of course, an even larger gamble.

Further details on each plan can be found at Cryptic's website. Note that you'll need to buy a digital or boxed copy of the game ($49.99) in addition to paying these fees.

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