The Starbound beta is getting underway this week and a lot of gamers really want to know what the gameplay and play mechanics are like. Well, thanks to TotalBiscuit, you can get an early look at 15 full minutes of gameplay (though technically it's actually 16 minutes and 45 seconds) before the Starbound beta goes public.

The video is pretty wasteful, mostly because of that Jesse fellow who seems to be concerned with acting out the way YouTube comments read. This results in a large portion of the video being wasted away on silliness instead of really getting a good look at the game and its features.

Briefly, we get to see TotalBiscuit's spacehip, which looks like a flaming dragon, as opposed to Jesse's ship, which looks like he stole cardboard boxes from a New York hobo and stapled them together. The customized ships look pretty sweet and I wish we were able to see more of them.

We also get a brief look at the combat, as Jesse swings around a giant sword to compensate for his tininess, where-as TotalBiscuit wields a bow and arrow and attempts to attack enemies from long range so as to avoid getting penetrated from behind by Jesse's massive sword.

The dynamic duo attempts to complete a few quests while venturing about the game world, chopping down enemies and trying to craft simple things while failing miserably. The video really is insufferable, but something is better than nothing, am I right? No, I am not. Sadly, I would rather watch a marathon of Marlon Wayans movies than sit through that again, and Marlon Wayans movies are bad enough to make coma victims cringe.

Anyway, we do at least get to see a few neat things in play, including the crafting system, the combat, and some of the terraforming. I'm especially impressed with the way players can forest areas and knock down trees with some satisfying results, which just might fulfill the appetite of destruction-entertainment connoisseurs.

The varied enemies the dotardly-duo encounter also range from ground-based creatures to aerial enemies of no certain disposition. I like the fact that the whole thing just seems ecologically organic and very natural. I like it... I like it a lot.

So far I was impressed with a lot of the actual gameplay features on display in the video, in spite of Jesse the Jangily Jock making things exceptionally difficult to appreciate given his antics that make the Xbox One articles on this site look like masterwork dissertations from G.W.F. Hegel by comparison.

Still, it's new gameplay from Starbound, and I imagine a lot of gamers just can't wait to get into the game themselves and play around in the massive universe; building spaceships, exploring planets, and building up a starfleet with their friends to conquer the galaxy. Planetary warfare anyone? Up for a little intergalactic, diplomacy role-playing? How about fulfilling the role of a genius space hermit who sells illegal lightsabers from out of your secret lab that lies under a giant tree? It's all possible in Starbound.

You can learn more about the game, or prepare to engage the beta starting December 4th, by paying a kind visit to the game's official website

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