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Steam Machine Prototype Screenshots Surface; Will Run Games At 1080p, 60fps

OEM, iBuyPower has unveiled their own vision of Valve's Steam Machines, the computer-based living room solution for high-end gaming without any of the nonsense (or Microsoft's operating system). The screenshots look pretty good, but at the same time you can't help but notice that the iBuyPower's Steam Machine looks a lot like the Xbox One and PS4's albino love-child.

Engadget managed to get their hands on the new shots and they were told by iBuyPower that the systems are designed for high-end gaming, with Engadget paraphrasing...

“iBuyPower tells us that it actually has two models, codenamed Gordon and Freeman, in the works. The two consoles are identical, save for the light bar round the middle -- one model's is clear, while the other's is black when not illuminated. And, while the company wouldn't tell us about the boxes' internals, it did confirm that the hardware will run all Steam titles in 1080p resolution at 60fps.”

Whoa, what's this? Confirmed 1080p at 60 frames per second gaming? It's like the sort of thing we've been using for the past half decade. It's good to know that iBuyPower will pack their device with enough power to ensure that gamers will be able to game on par to the way they have been for the past couple of years. I mean, it sure beats 720p at 20fps.

Previously, Valve had released a very rough overview of the spec sheets for the Steam Machines, giving gamers an idea of what to expect from the living room entertainment device. Unfortunately, the pricing seems like it could be pretty wild shot in the dark, with nothing guaranteed or set in stone so far. Nevertheless, anything with a GTX Titan is a system with a price tag just north of $1,500.

On the bright side (and the financially agreeable side) there are going to be various systems designed at different price points to hit each sector of the market. This is ideal for those gamers out there looking to get in on the glorious gaming offered exclusively to the PC Master Race, but don't want to spend an arm and a leg trying to join the big boy's (and girl's) club.

You can check out the screenshots of the Albino PlayStation Box below, with the mid-center glow and mental asylum off-white color scheme. The Steam Machines are scheduled to arrive at retails and will be made available from various online vendors starting early 2014. Hopefully the revolution with the Steam Machines and SteamOS will be enough to topple the Microsoft machine.

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