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Less than a month away, PopPace has announced that a free-to-play, robot-themed SLG is on the way that features standard PvE questing as well as open-world PvP with three different factions going head-to-head for galactic conquest.

PopPace revealed that the SteelWar Online MMORPG will be a browser-based game, enabling gamers that have any internet ready PC to log in and start playing.

SteelWar Online also features heavy customization features, allowing players to update, enhance and level-up both the pilot and the mech. What's more is that players will be able to band together to invade rival faction bases and attempt to take them over to control resources and gain new research materials. The game has a lot of back-and-forth PvP to help fuel the tension between the factions on the game.

PopPace is planning on releasing more info as the January release nears for SteelWar Online. To learn a little more about the company and their titles, or to keep an eye out for more info on SteelWare be sure to visit the Official Website.

(Main image courtesy of Eliott Lilly).