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Given that more than 28% of gamers are females (via GamaSutra), why not have more games centered on them? That’s a question in which Stone Creek Entertainment has answered with a press release acknowledging that female gamers are now their top priority.
The company has a bevy selection of new titles in the works and some in pre-production, entirely aimed at female gamers.

According to Sharon Wood, CEO of Stone Creek Entertainment.
"We've put a lot of experience and expertise in these games, and we're confident we'll be able to provide young women and women with gaming experiences that go far beyond their current choices. We believe Karizmac will become their brand of choice, and that we'll create a uniquely trusted relationship with this very important demographic."

All the games will fall under the Karizmac brand and some of those titles will be unveiled this month for the iPod and iPod Touch; girl gaming on the go.

Need more info on this pro-female gaming company? Well, be sure to pay a kind visit to their Official Website.

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