Capcom is bringing back the beta for Street Fighter V. Not only are they bringing back the beta but they're extending it so that they can test it in more territories, test it with more gamers, and attempt to iron out the game's multiplayer well before it officially releases on PlayStation 4 and PC in early 2016.

GameSpot did a write-up on the new times when Capcom would roll out the preliminary closed beta tests and then when they would open it up to more people.

The Street Fighter V beta will commence on August 20th from 4PM to 12AM BST. They will hold a second closed beta regional session on August 21st between 4PM and 12AM BST.

Following the tests in the limited European test Capcom will make the appropriate adjustments and then begin to prep for North American, Asian and then global tests. They wanted to test each region to ensure that the game is working properly before throwing it out there like before when everyone who pre-ordered the game tried getting into the Street Fighter V beta and it all went down like a sack of bricks.

According to Capcom, they stated that:
When we are confident with the results from this test, we will share the dates and times for North America and Asia’s region specific tests, […] Once we have successfully completed each regional stress test, we will announce the dates and times of the official global beta test.

This is actually really good news for Street Fighter V fans because now you get some extra play time in with the game. The regional beta tests will not be part of the separate five day global beta test. That's right, Capcom will conclude the regional test, make the necessary adjustments and then proceed as they originally planned to host a week long beta test for Street Fighter V on the PS4.

Following this console-exclusive test, the company plans on having yet another beta test for the PC and PS4 near the end of the year, well before the game launches. Capcom seems intent on getting the multiplayer aspects of Street Fighter V well and down before releasing the game especially after the original beta test that was supposed to take place back in July crashed and burned after getting overloaded with users.

This is actually a fairly smart way of handling the multiplayer aspects of the game considering that the biggest drawback to most game launches is not having properly working servers. Games like Diablo III and SimCity suffered some major problems right out of the gate, and most of the Call of Duty games for the first week experience some trouble with server load and gamers complaining about not being able to play properly online.

It is interesting, though, that we're seeing this level of commitment from Capcom for ironing out the server-side issues with the Unreal Engine 4-powered fighting game. It's also interesting that there's such a strong level of global appeal for Street Fighter V. It seems crazy that so many gamers can't wait to get their hands on the upcoming fighter. We're definitely seeing a strong resurgence in the fighting game genre and I'm not complaining one bit.

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