Every now and again, a mobile game comes along that manages to dominate the time and attention of just about everyone who picks it up. Super Hexagon was just such a title last year, so long as you were gaming on an iOS device. Now Distractionware has announced an Android launch for one of the most talked about games of 2012, which also happens to be available for $1 for a limited time.

Announced via the Distractionware blog, Super Hexagon has been ported over to Android thanks to the noble efforts of coder Laurence Muller. The developers warn, however, that due to Android's wide open nature, that bugs and other issues might arise depending on which device you're playing on.

“We've done lots and lots of testing and fixing to make this work well on as many Android devices as possible but, of course, on as wide a platform as Android, bugs are inevitable,” reads the statement. They go on to encourage anyone who encounters problems to report them at the following link. A couple of known issues are already listed on that page, including the fact that the game currently does not run on the Nexus 7 tablet, and that some Samsung Galaxy S1 devices need to be updated to the latest firmware or risk having music playback issues.

Super Hexagon is available now for $1 on Google Play. It's a simplistic game but, by all accounts, it's also addictive as hell. Far easier to show than tell the basic premise, here's a peek at the game that will soon be devouring every scrap of free time you have available.

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