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Superhot's Launch Trailer Is Mesmerizing To Watch

What do you get when you mix a stark black, white and red world with tight controls and a clever gameplay mechanic that will have you pulling off some of the most insane gunfights in history? The answer is Superhot, an innovative new FPS that hit Steam today and, oh look, they've even got a rad launch trailer.

Ask pretty much any FPS fan what they think of the genre and they'll like you tell you that, as fun as these games can be, the landscape has become a bit homogenized over the years. Now that folks have basically nailed down what solid shooting mechanics feel like and games like Call of Duty and Battlefield are coming out annually, not a lot of folks working in the genre have a whole lot new to say. Even the most talked about game of the genre in recent years, Destiny, could be mistaken for any number of other FPS at a glance.

If there's one thing we can say about Superhot, it's that nobody can claim the game looks or plays anything like other games in the genre. The look of Superhot is similar to what folks though VR games would look like back in the early 90's, with almost zero details outside of the shape of items and enemies in the environment.

It's a unique look, and one that is complemented by an equally unique gameplay mechanic.

Rather than simply run through rooms and dispatch your foes head-on of from behind cover, Superhot's world only moves when you do. Sadly, that's not something that's easily described and even the new launch trailer doesn't do the mechanic justice. Unless you're the one controlling the game, it's hard to understand what makes Superhot's shooting and traversal so unique and rewarding.

Of course, rather than take anybody's word for it, you could always just experience it for yourself. Superhot launched through Steam today and can be played on PC, Mac and Linux. According to a press release from the developer, the “reality-warping main story” is complemented by an Endless Mode that unleashes waves of enemies to cut down until you're finally overtaken, as well as a Challenge Mode that tasks you with playing the game sans weapons, against a timer and the like.

Also included is a Replay Editor, perfect for crafting a video of your most noteworthy moments within the game. What's extra cool is that you can then load those videos on, where anyone can log on and check out your most legendary kills.

There's also a bunch of nice extras, including mini-games and the like.

If you're looking to basically be Neo in The Matrix, only minus the weird rave scene and Trinity's 20-minute death sequence, then you might want to consider taking Superhot for a spin.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.