If playing hard-as-nails Lemming-like creatures called Swarmites is your idea of fun then you'll probably be looking forward to the upcoming strategic adventure game, Swarm. The developers, Hothead Studios, announced via their Twitter feed an official release date for the game.

Picked up by our friends over at XBLA Fans, the Twitter feed from Hothead simply read as follows:
Inside info for our Twitter followers: Swarm will be out March 22!#getreadytogetflocked

So there you have it folks, March 22nd is the day you can start swarming over the digital e-tailers like pack of a hungry blue swarmites to pick up a copy of the game for the Xbox Live Arcade or PlayStation Network.

You can learn more about Swarm, which is like an evolved 3D version of Lemmings, by visiting the Official Website.

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