Bullfrog Productions' squad-based strategy Syndicate has long been one of the most-requested games by Good Old Games customers. Today the digital game shop announced that they're now selling the cult classic for a mere $5.99.

Syndicate depicts a dark near-future in which mega-corporations rule the world. The competition between these companies is literally cut-throat. Each syndicates hires teams of cyborg mercenaries to carry out covert strikes on competitors.

Players take on the role of a "marketing director," a leader of an elite team of cyborgs. You'll outfit these four cyborgs with the latest weapons and gadgets, as well as cybernetic upgrades. You then lead the squad through 50 missions involving assassination and other unsavory activities. If you feel like deviating from the mission to kill a few civilians, well, that's cool too.

Back when Syndicate was released, it was sort of rare for a game to let you be this evil. Still, players' ability to inflict wanton destruction was only part of the appeal. The deep customization options for agents, the vivid cyberpunk setting, and catchy soundtrack all earned praise.

EA plans to release a reboot of the Syndicate series later this year. However, this reboot will be a first-person shooter rather than a strategy.

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