TERA: Rising Free Sleipnir Mount Giveaway (Closed)

Some of you may have heard about TERA Online going free-to-play last week on February 5th, marking the change from En Masse's subscription-based model to a free-to-play model. In addition to the monetary change, the game's name also made a minor shift and in celebration of all of this, we're giving away a free Sleipnir mount and Arkai masks...some expensive cash shop stuff.

If you don't want to pay for digital goods like anyone else, there's a chance you could win one of these items by leaving a comment or message on our Facebook page. It's really that easy. We'll be giving away one Sleipnir mount and three Arkai masks.

Unfortunately, there's a word count I have to fill out, so instead of leaving the article like this I'll spend approximately two more paragraphs talking TERA: Rising.

The game launched last May as part of a series of new-generation MMOs focusing on high-end visual effects, high-fidelity character designs and non-targeting gameplay. All these hyphenated descriptors helped set the game and several other games in the MMO genre apart from everything else on the market. While a robust political feature, intense boss fights and non-linear fighting all helped give TERA some legs to stand on, it wasn't quite enough to justify a long-lasting subscription-based model.

Nevertheless, the game could potentially seek extended life through the free-to-play medium, which has helped stave off closure for other MMOs such as DC Universe Online, Champions Online and Dungeons & Dragons Online. If the game seems remotely interesting or if the graphics have a modicum of enticement for your visual palate, feel free to grab the game from the Official Website.

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