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En Masse Entertainment sent out word today that the high-end, graphical powerhouse known as TERA Online has officially gone free-to-play. With the change in the monetization model also comes a change in name, with the game now being called TERA: Rising. It now sounds like some sort of Dark Knight tie-in.

TERA made waves thanks to its non-targeting combat systems, next-generation graphics and unique character classes. The game launched with a subscription model but given today's tight economic climate it just wasn't sustainable in the long run unless they changed the name to World of Warcraft or EVE Online.

Chris Lee, CEO of En Masse Entertainment commented about the change from pay-to-play to free-to-play, saying...
“TERA: Rising ushers in a new era in Action MMO gaming where players can dive into a deep MMO with the best action combat in the genre without having to pay a dime,”...“The feedback so far has been overwhelmingly positive and our community is eager to greet a new wave of gamers checking out TERA for the first time. The brand new content is going to be engaging for both the new and existing players alike – creating a fun and dynamic environment we haven’t seen before in TERA.”

I haven't had the chance to dive into the free version of the game yet, but there are some really noteworthy systems about TERA that I think a lot of gamers will enjoy, especially the political system that allows a player to take control of a region and govern with an iron fist or with an air of leniency.

I imagine as a F2P title TERA may garner a lot more support as the competition is quite stiff in the non-targeting MMO arena, especially with games like C9, RaiderZ and Dragon Nest racking up massive followings and lots of positive feedback.

You can grab a digital copy of TERA: Rising right now, for free, by visiting the Official Website.