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One MMO that seems to have consistently found a way to stay relevant in the gaming news circle is En Masse Entertainment’s upcoming, non-targeting, triple-A title, TERA Online. While gameplay trailers are oftentimes far and few for this game, but when they do become available it’s like a mini-event of sorts, just because gamers finally get to see how various aspects of the gameplay works with the physics-based, non-targeting mechanics.

The latest trailer available for the game is all about the Slayer class and how their uber-sized, sword-wrecker can pretty much rip any enemy of any size a new one. The slayer seems to focus on heavy attacks that can work for both mobs and bosses, where he can knock the enemy off their feet or go for an instant kill with just a few swipes.

You can check out the new trailer for the game below, featuring the Slayer doing his thing. You can learn more about the player classes and the non-targeting combat, which aims to expand on what devCat and Nexon accomplished with the remarkably beautiful Vindictus, by visiting the Official Website.

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