TF2 Getting Pyro Updates Soon

Valve Software announced that it will be rolling out the second major class update soon for Team Fortress 2. This time the Pyro class is getting the love.

As with the Medic updates back in April, the upcoming Pyro updates will feature a slew of new Achievements for the class. Once significant portions of these Achievements are unlocked, the players get new weapons (or, more accurately, modified versions of the old weapons) to choose from. The Medic got 36 new achievements and a new weapon was unlocked after every 12, if I'm not mistaken.

In the announcement, Valve also revealed what one of the new Pyro weapons will be. It's called the Axtinguisher, an axe that does only half damage to non-burning foes but has automatic critical hits on enemies currently on fire. In other words, it's going to suck fighting in close quarters with Pyros even more now. I wonder what the enhanced versions of the shotgun and flamethrower (the Pyro's other two standard weapons) will be like. Incendiary shotgun shells, maybe?

The patch will also significantly alter the Pyro class in some fashion aside from the new achievements and weapons but there's no specifics on that. Valve claims that they've "almost completely wrapped up" this class update so expect it sometime this summer.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.