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This Q1 results call Take-Two interactive confirmed a few nuggets of info. First and foremost in many gamer’s minds is the official announcement that BioShock 2 has gone into development. Take Two has also said Rockstar is working on a huge sequel for 2009, but no word on what it is as they let GTA IV expand its wings. Also, we might be seeing a new Max Payne. Perhaps tied to the Mark Wahlberg helmed film?

BioShock has began production at 2K Marin, which means creator Ken Levine’s 2K Boston studio is not on the project. Take-Two took care to mention that some of the original BioShock staffers are at Marin to deal with the game. Gamasutra talked with Take-Two CEO Ben Feder who said that Levine isn’t necessarily out the BioShock picture. Levine is working on the sequel to his game, as well as another IP. That sounds like he is working in an overseeing producer capacity, rather than being hands on with the title. Hopefully he’ll have to time to keep the game in line with the original.

Chairman Strauss Zelnick also spent a little time talking about the EA buyout attempt, once again calling it a drastically undervalued offer. But this tale is far from over.

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