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A Tale Of Homelessness In The Sims 3

The Sims has always been a hard game to describe. The term "life simulator" isn't really appropriate because of certain strange aspects of the games (grown adults wetting themselves in public, earning the total love and devotion of someone you met five minutes ago, etc.) However, it seems that with the release of The Sims 3, the people in the game have become a lot more believable, capable of showing emotion and reacting to situations in interesting and thought provoking ways, even without any interruption from the player.

Robin Burkinshaw has taken note of the new, more realistic feel of The Sims and has decided to enact something of a social experiment using the game. He created a kind-hearted young girl and a crazy, easily-angered father (named Alice and Kev, respectively) and made them homeless. He then began chronicling the adventures of the pair on his blog,

The result is nothing short of fascinating; Robin's talent for storytelling is stunning, and his fantastic sense of humor regularly makes me laugh out loud. The blog isn't all chuckles, however, as Alice's story has become more and more sad as the tale progresses. I won't give away any spoilers, so I'll shut up now and give you the link to the first entry in the blog, which is here (although you really should read the introduction first; that link is at the top of the previously linked-to page).

I can honestly say that you will be guaranteed to enjoy this. Great work, Robin, and keep it up!