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IGG has been hard at work prepping the graphically impressive Tales of Fantasy for open-beta and they’ve announced that a few events will take place to commemorate the opening. Not only did acknowledge that the open beta is coming soon, but they also confirmed that user reported glitches, errors and bugs are all being tended to.

According to the press release…
With so many new players jumping into the fray every day, we're helping everyone move through the ranks faster with server wide 2x SP for 00:01-2:00pm from May 20th until May 28th EDT(GMT-4). Well, we've also prepared some new Level Up! Gift Pack and are giving them away! At levels 10, 20 and 30, player will be eligible to open one such gift pack, containing equipment pertaining to your level and class, or a fantastic mount.

Not only that, but some significant changes have been made regarding the gameplay and other nuances affecting the game, all thanks to the team taking into account the user feedback from the closed beta tests.

I can definitely vouch for Tales of Fantasy being a really cool free-to-play MMORPG and I’m hoping it finds success with a good community given its original concept and high quality immersion factors. You can learn more about Tales of Fantasy or register to start playing by visiting the Official Website.

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