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IGG is working on a bringing gamers an updated sequel to the very popular online casual game, Tales of Pirates. We had a chance to pick the brain of Tales of Pirates 2's Product Manager, Allen Chen, for some info and insight into the franchise and the upcoming game. Read on to get the full details.

Blend Games: Given the success of the original ToP, what exactly made IGG want to move forward with publishing a sequel?

Chen: Here at IGG, we’re always trying to give our players new and exciting games. Tales of Pirates (ToP) was released 3 years ago and instantly became a classic. We appreciate all the support we received from players as the game grew and evolved. Starting fresh with Tales of Pirates II (ToP II), we felt we had a chance to extend the storyline of the original and add new, amazing elements to the game. We want to give our existing players an even better game experience while attracting new players to our world of pirates. In ToP II, players are going to find out that being a pirate has never been so much fun.

Blend Games: For those who haven’t been following the news regarding Tales of Pirates II, what are some of the major differences between the first and second game?

Chen: ToP II features improved graphics and a new game layout. As for the gameplay itself, 8 new systems will be introduced, including the Rear Fairy system, Treasure Digging system, Sea Battle system and the PVP Arena. These were designed to take gameplay to a whole new level.

Blend Games: With the enhanced 3D graphics present and more visual upgrades implemented, will a lot of players running the original Tales of Pirates on low-end PCs be left out of the sequel, or is the game scaled to work for both high-end and low-end PCs on the performance spectrum?

Chen: While ToP II utilizes advanced 3D rendering to create a realistic and detailed game environment, we have also implemented an optimization design to lower the overall hardware requirements. Players should have no problem running the game smoothly even with lower hardware setups. Of course, those with better systems will be able to experience the game in its full glory.

Blend Games: Sweet. That means all of you playing on your grandmother’s computer shouldn’t have too much of a problem running ToP 2. Moving on…can you explain a little bit about what the sea-battles will be like and what gamers can expect?

Chen: The Sea Battles are massive tests of tactics and teamwork. Players can join a party to challenge bosses or take part in island defense combat in which one side will try to defend their turf while the other will attempt to invade. There are a lot of strategies involved and the situations will change each time players face off against different opponents, making each adventure refreshing and new. The Sea Battles add a whole new dimension that players would never experience in normal land battles.

Blend Games: I guess Allods Online better watch its butt with Tales of Pirates 2 around the corner. Anyway, on the subject of players and interaction…has the character customization changed much and will fans have more or different clothing options to look forward to?

Chen: We received rave reviews for the character customization offered in the original ToP. We made sure ToP II would retain all of that while adding new features. At the start of the game, players will have a wide range of hairstyles and facial features to choose from. There are also options to change the looks of characters during the course of the game through a special NPC. The number of customization options far exceeds what was available in ToP. We want everyone to be able to create their own unique character and look good while they dominate the waves.

Blend Games: Is it possible to share with readers what some of the new locations will be like and where they’ll be able to adventure?

Chen:ToP II will be releasing new maps regularly. At the moment, we have the bulk of Dream Island completed. This map features a completely new city design. The story and the quests available there are different from the original, as well. We will also be adding new islands for players to explore. Some of these will feature ferocious monsters never seen before. We want to create a sense of exploration and discovery, so players will be surprised by what they find at each island.

Blend Games: Thanks Chen for answering our questions. Are there any other features you would like gamers to know about before they get a taste of Tales of Pirates II?

Chen: We have added a lot of exciting new features in ToP II, such as the Augury system in which players can visit a special NPC to get their fortune told and receive great buffs. There is also the Treasure Digging system that lets our pirates play treasure hunter and search for treasures throughout the game world. There are simply too many new features to go through in detail here. Players can join the closed beta now by getting a CB key from our website and find out just how much fun being a pirate can be.

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