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Super Meat Boy creators Team Meat are slowly revealing more of their next game Mew-Genics. They've sent out images of two of the main characters from the project.

The first character is an award-winning dancer named Mr. Tinkles. The second is Dr. Beanie, a scientist with Krusty the Clown-like hair. Presumably Dr. Beanie is responsible for the mutated cats at the heart of the game. It's not clear how a dancer fits into the plot.

When designer Edmund McMillen announced Mew-Genics, he described it as "the strangest project" he's ever worked on.. The game's said to incorporate random generation in some way. Team Meat is making quick progress on it and will release it before the mobile version of Super Meat Boy.

Team Meat has three more pieces of character art to share. They'll release a new image each Saturday.