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Anomaly Labs has been working on a post-apocalyptic Facebook game called Techpocalypse since last summer. It's currently in alpha but in order to complete the game they need a bit more cash. They're asking for help on Kickstarter and they're offering some nice rewards to their would-be donors.

"Techpocalypse is a new kind of game about what happens in the days after the population of Earth is decimated by a machine uprising," says Anomaly of the game. "You and the other players in your tribe must scavenge the ruins of civilization, fight back against the machines, cooperate with other tribes or dominate them, and ultimately rebuild a new society!"

Anomaly is hoping that the game will raise the bar for cooperative play on Facebook.

"Seeing the popularity of 'social' games whose social aspects boil down to spamming friends on Facebook, we had to ask ourselves: Wouldn't people rather play games together? Isn't it more rewarding to collaborate with other people and succeed as a group? After all, our fondest gaming memories involve just that: playing with friends and beating the odds together. Techpocalypse is an ambitious experiment to test that hypothesis. It's a game where you actually work with the rest of your tribe and depend on them - just as you would in a real post-apocalyptic scenario.

Anomaly hopes to hold a beta test for Techpocalypse starting in April. Anyone who donates $10 or more to the project will get early access to the testing. They'll be able to share feedback on the game through private forums as well. Once the game launches, they'll get several bonus items including an axe and a metal detector.

If you're interested in helping this game become a reality, head to their Kickstarter page.

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