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OurGame’s MMO Tekken-style fighting game, World of JingWu, has been on the receiving end of some brand new content, including a new mini-game, more character accessories and a few new gameplay improvements.

The game is currently only supporting the Chinese language text but is available for just about any gamer who wants to play an online 3D fighting game. It sports a variety of fighting styles and customization options for each of the characters on the game.

The new update sees new clothing options and custom sets being made available for all the characters on the game, a new brick-breaking mini-game, and improved AI for the story quest mode.

You can check out an English translation guide for help with downloading and registering the game if your Mandarin is a little rusty. You can check out some new screenshots of the game below, as well. For more info on World of JingWu be sure to visit the Official Website.

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