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If you received a new mobile device on Christmas, odds are you downloaded Temple Run. Designer Keith Shepherd says that the game was downloaded over 2.5 million times on that day across iOS and Android devices.

Temple Run lets players take on the role of an explorer who has stolen a mystical idol. They're now being chased by demon monkeys. Players run away through the corridors of the ancient temple while avoiding obstacles.

The game continues until the player is finally caught by his pursuers. The objective is for players to prolong the chase as long as possible and collect as many coins as they can. These coins can be spent on new character, wallpapers and more.

Since December of last year, Temple Run has been free to download. Players can buy coins for real-world money through the in-app store. While only a small percentage of players actually fork over money, it's enough revenue to make the game one of the top-grossing mobile titles on the market.

Temple Run wasn't the only big winner on Christmas. Minecraft managed to sell 450,000 copies on that day as well.