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If you've ever tried to game on PC using that pathetic piece of DRM crap known as Games for Windows Live, then you already know how much of a piece of crap that piece of crap is. And let's be honest, I'm being extremely nice about it. Well, for all of you out there who absolutely abhor GFWL (and I've never met anyone who uses it regularly and actually thinks it's okay) then you will be glad to know that Max Payne 3 will not support Games For Windows Live. Sound a horn and a blow a trumpet.

For those of you who have never experienced the horrors of GFWL, imagine a retarded, autistic version of Xbox Live but without half the updates and absolutely zero support. To make it worse is that GFWL does not only work as pseudo-DRM but it also works to manage your "online profile" which can be attached to your Xbox Live account, and keeps all your saved games stored on the profile. The good part is that you can have shared achievements, score, rankings, saved games, etc., etc,. and it seems cool at first but then after the thing starts crashing you'll realize that it takes your entire account with it. What's more is that there is no fix for Games For Windows Live. Awesome, right?

Now I'm sure many of you are wondering why on Earth companies would continue to use GFWL if it's so pathetic? Well, that's a good question but no one has received an answer yet and Microsoft refuses to fix it, so if you're a PC gamer and you want to play online with your Live account, you better buy an Xbox 360.

Anyways, according to PC Gamer, Rockstar has officially calmed worrisome gamers who felt that perhaps Max Payne 3 would be worth skipping if it used GFWL, by announcing that the game will not be supporting Games For Windows Live.

The announcement comes courtesy of the Rockstar Twitter account, which simply states, in reply to a concerned gamer, "No, Max Payne 3 for PC will not use Games for Windows Live".

Whew, I'm sure a lot of PC gamers are taking a sigh of relief right now. That definitely eases the process of diving head first into Rockstar's latest release.

You can look for Max Payne 3 to launch next week on May 15th for the Xbox 360 and PS3. The game is scheduled to arrive shortly thereafter for PC, two weeks later. For more information on the game feel free to visit the Official Website.

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