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Wow, who would have thought the day would come where a movie-based action game would be made, based on a Justin Timberlake movie? And I thought the Twilight emo craze was bad. It’s like all male machismo has been sucked out of this generation, with the exception of Sly’s band of testosterone driven friends in the Expendables.

Anyway, Epic Games and Fox Digital Entertainment have teamed together to bring mobile gamers an intense movie-based thrill-ride with the new Unreal Engine 3 powered action game, In Time.

David Michicich, chief executive officer of RoboModo, the game’s developer, mentioned that…
“We really enjoyed distilling the high-adrenaline action of ‘In Time’ into an exciting gaming experience that enables the player to feel the film’s urgency in a really unique way,” … “Epic's Unreal Engine 3 was essential to creating the immersive and immediate gameplay we wanted to prove were possible for this addictive, pick-up and play mobile game.”

In Time is a third-person, 3D action title that sees players earning points to stay alive by dodging obstacles, jumping out of the way of hazards and sprinting towards…uh…whatever it is players will be sprinting toward. The main thing is that you just have to get to the end before time runs out. It’s like running a marathon for breast cancer except there are thugs with guns and people are trying to kill you. So, you really would be running to save a life. Zing.

The game is currently available on the iTunes App Store for only $0.99. I guess the price gives you an idea of what the quality of the game will be like (considering that some games go up to $4.99). For more info on the Unreal Engine be sure to visit the Official Website.

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