Ah, 2013 is practically over with and we're all doing our proverbial “This was the best/worst thing ever of the year” stuff and giving gamers, readers, casuals and cores an opportunity to revel in lists made by people who think they know a thing or two about video games. This list is basically a highlight of the indie games that came in and took us by surprise by either doing something wildly different, staggeringly unique or completely off in left field. Find out which games made the list and why.

The Stanley Parable
What a fascinating game this game is. Or do we even call it a game? You don't actually play. Interaction is limited and the concept isn't actually about conquering or finishing – in the traditional sense that is – it's about exploring and discovery. The thing is, what you discover and how you explore can change each time you play, depending on how you play. The game's popularity isn't really in some ground breaking mechanic or massive plot twist (again, not in the traditional sense) but the popularity comes from the player's interaction with the narrator and the completely unforeseen results that are attached to the two mechanics of exploration and discovery. The Stanley Parable was definitely a surprising title to experience, especially given its caustic and existential commentary about our own social conveniences and vices.

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