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Torchlight 2 Mod Adds 28 Dungeons, Necromancer Class

The Torchlight 2 modding community has created a huge amount of new content for the action RPG. The SynergiesMOD, available now, provides a new character class and tons of new adventures.

The mod's download page (via RPS) says that it adds 108 Elite Monsters, 6 Rare dragons, and 11 unique World Bosses. Players will be able to journey through 28 new dungeons and complete several new quest chains. Through their adventures, they'll find 16 Tier-1 legendary weapons and 4 sets of Legendary Armor. The modders also created a new hub for this content.

Maybe the most exciting addition, though, is the Necromancer. This class is armed with 30 new skills. The Necromancer can also find their own unique set of legendary armor. Here's a video of this new class in action.

The creators of SynergiesMOD have very ambitious plans for additional content. They want to create 24 more classes, 3 more raid dungeons, 2 quest hubs, 2 acts, 3 legendary armor sets, and Tier-2 legendary weapons. That ought to keep them busy for awhile.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.