The latest Humble Indie Bundle is ready to roll, this time offering five games at the reasonable price of “pay whatever you want.” Humble Indie Bundle 6, they call it, and this particular collection offers some fantastic games with proceeds going to support of pair of solid charities.

Taking part in Humble Indie Bundle 6 will provide funding for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which works to protect privacy and free expression in the digital space, as well as Child’s Play Charity, which provides gaming opportunities for children within the medical system.

You can visit the Humble Bundle page right now and throw a few dollars at these charities and, in return, you’ll net yourself a digital copy of five indie games including physics puzzle platformer Rochard, the high tech brick breaking game, Shatter, the crazy intergalactic shooter Space Pirates and Zombies, the dungeon-crawling lootfest that is Torchlight and the other platforming puzzle game, Vessel.

If you find it in your hear to pay more than the average (currently set at $5.59), you’ll also earn a free copy of the fast-as-lightening runner, Dustforce. That’s six games for less than a buck a pop, and your money is going to support charity, folks. How can you say no?

As of this printing, more than 84,000 individuals have already offered their support, raising nearly $500,000. You can view trailers of each game, get additional details, and even check out evolving stats by visiting the above linked Humble Bundle website. Buying the bundle can be completed on that same page, and you can even determine how much of your funds go towards the developers, the charities and a “tip” for the folks who manage to pull these amazing bundles together over and over again.

But don’t take too long deciding whether or not you want to take part. The Humble Indie Bundle 6 will only be available for the next two weeks.

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