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The Roman Army was feared throughout Europe but it was far from invincible. A new battle video from Total War: Rome 2 shows the Romans getting trounced in the Teutoburg Forest.

The Battle of Teutoburg Forest took place in 9 CE, in what's now northwestern Germany. An alliance of Germanic tribes ambushed a Roman army to devastating effect. Casualties for the Romans are estimated between 16,000 and 20,000. Alright, that's enough Wikipedia reading for one day.

Rome 2 will be the second time that Total War fans will be able to step into this battle. Teutoburg Forest made an appearance in the first Rome as well. The battle will look a lot better this time around, though, thanks to a new graphics engine. This engine supports unit cameras so players can see the battle from the perspective of soldiers in the fray.

The Germanic tribes and Roman Empire are just two of many playable factions in the game. Other factions players can lead include Carthage, Macedon and Egypt. There are also dozens of NPC factions to help or hinder your imperialist goals.

Creative Assembly will release Rome 2 later this year.