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You're a fan of tower defense games and RPGs but, let's face it, who has time to play more than one game these days? Well, my friend, today is your lucky day as has announced the official release of Tower Worlds a free-to-play Facebook title that blends all of the resource management and building placement of tower defense with the adventuring and monster slaying of an RPG.

Tower Worlds recently exited open beta and is now ready to be played by the masses. Players find themselves on a mysterious island and, using the few resources at their disposal, must fight off prowling baddies while building a town to call home. As your town grows, you'll be able to develop new and more powerful structures such as a research tower, citadel, etc. These building will help protect your town from the invading monsters, as well as grant new abilities for your hero to use out in the field.

Like many Facebook games, there's even a hook to get your friends involved. You can recruit your friends' characters to join your cause, earning boosts from their involvement while simultaneously building up extra perks and goodies for your helpful companion.

“With the final release of Tower Worlds, we are pretty sure we are offering gamers around the world a new style of social gaming and, above all, tons of fun to enjoy in Facebook as never before,” said Games-Masters CEO Thorsten Schauer.

To check it out for yourself, visit the Tower Worlds page on Facebook.

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