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Paragon is set to launch later this year and, when it does, one of the modes that will be consuming players’ free time is called Rush the Core. Thankfully, we’ve got a new trailer showing off the mode in action, with characters Sparrow and Dekker attacking a core held by Steel, Grux and Co.

While Rush the Core doesn’t seem all that different from modes we’ve seen in other MOBAs like League of Legends or DOTA 2, or even first-person shooters like Battlefield and Call of Duty, the more dynamic traversal and characters’ unique abilities look to put a fun spin on Paragon’s take on the mode.

In the video, we get a glimpse at several of Paragon’s characters in action, starting with Sparrow. Totting a bow and arrow that lets Sparrow rain pain down on their enemies, they can also take advantage of a handy teleportation ability to get out of harm’s way or earn a vertical advantage.

There’s a brief look at Gideon, too, who appears to have stepped out of the hooded Assassin’s Creed universe with the ability to pull meteors out of the sky. And then there’s Dekker, a lancer, and Steel, a hulking brute who can drop a shield at will.

If you’re feeling more primal, you can take on the role of Grux, who appears to be a turbo-charged rhino with the ability to create devastating shockwaves.

Honestly, I’ve never really gotten into MOBAs, but games like Paragon are starting to make me question that decision. Nothing against the industry norms for the genre, they’ve just haven’t won me over yet.

Paragon, on the other hand, looks to turn up the volume with a faster pace, more platforming and abilities that are both fast and furious. There’s also the added bonus that, like more and more MOBAs are doing these days, Paragon is launching on consoles as well as PC. Put a free-to-play game in my living room and I’ll almost always give it a try.

In a recent post on the PlayStation Blog, Social Media Specialist Ryan Clements makes a good argument for why folks who aren’t traditional MOBA fans might still want to give Paragon a gander. He describes it as a “third person action game with rich layers of strategy,” that also happens to be a MOBA.

According to the article, Paragon utilizes all of the MOBA basics, including a cast of unique heroes, customizable items, a solid map, towers and minions. At the same time, there’s only one big map to learn, with the tug-of-war of Rush the Core offering loads of diversity within its ruleset. One map may seem like weak sauce but, again, it’s huge and offers loads of locations where battles for control will erupt.

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