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When a game is called Troy Online and an update includes something called a “large-scale war system” you automatically conclude that such a feature has got to be epic, right? Well, ALT1 Games is letting gamers know that the new update for Troy Online will see massive amounts of players fighting to control the cities within the game.

The new update for the game sees the inclusion of city raiding. Basically, opposing sides can head to the Island of Dispute, and from there it’s possible to ransack your opponent’s city. The thing that really separates this mode from other large-scale war systems is that any and everyone can join in, making for an actual massive, larger-than-life confrontation.

Now I actually haven’t had time to check this game out yet and so far my experience with this game has been through media assets, but I must admit that if you have the faintest inclination to PvP or play a melee-based fighting game, Troy Online’s large-scale war system really does sound very intriguing.

ALT1 also plans to continually keep the game as up-to-date possible with weekly or bi-weekly content updates, which ensures that players stay engaged and entertained with the Greek mythology MMO.

You can learn more about this free-to-play MMORPG or sign-up to download and start playing by visiting the Official Troy Online Website.